China is as exciting as it is challenging.  Let us be your guide and protector through what might be a watershed moment in the life of your business. 

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Order a Product Market Scan

Our deep knowledge of Chinese culture allows us to cut to the chase and give your product potential the thumbs up or thumbs down. Our market summary and desktop (online) scan covers your major competitors, pricing and the places their found online.

Only $600 + GST

We also provide assistance with:

  • Logistics

  • Guided F2F market evaluation visits

  • Cultural training

  • Marketing collateral development

  • Online to offline sales launches

  • Competitor analysis

  • Product compliance and certifications

  • Product market testing

  • Sales distribution

We undertake a step by step process to give you a quick, detailed assessment of whether your product or service has China potential.  We don't ask for a huge, upfront fee, we take the process forward in bite-sized chunks, allowing you to opt out at any time.

The team has spent many years working and living in China, we have an instinctive understanding of what will work in China and what won't.  We don't waste our time and your money chasing pipe dreams.

put your product to the TEST IN CHINA

It was no small feat jumping through the hoops of Chinese bureaucracy to register our Chinese company "MPP Living", but it was worth the effort.  It allows us to subject products to the ultimate market test - putting those products up for sale. 

We are very active on Chinese social media (WeChat, Weibo) and we have our own, interactive sales platforms to deep dive into consumers' buying habits and opinions.  For a more immediate response, we have 24/7 access to real Chinese customers through offline and online focus groups and our regular O2O pop up stores.




We offer culture training sessions that will give you a basic but vital understanding and awareness of appropriate and effective engagement with mainland Chinese.

You don't have to speak the local language to have business success in China, but having a working knowledge of custom and tradition will place you ahead of the pack and ensure your dealings are not undone by a social slip-up that could easily have been prevented.