A first impression of doing business in China can often be; "This is easy!  Everyone is so agreeable; everyone I meet with says yes, I haven't had a single rejection since I've been here; nothing is too hard for the Chinese, it's great!"

"Saving face" in China runs deep through its culture,  saying "no" to a foreigner at your first meeting is tantamount to failure in Chinese eyes, regardless of whether your potential customer or supplier can actually deliver on what they say. 

You don't have to speak the local language to have business success in China, but having a working knowledge of custom and tradition will place you ahead of the pack and ensure your dealings are not undone by a social slip-up that could easily have been prevented. 

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Mind your manners -
A crash course in Chinese politeness

We offer culture training sessions that will give you a basic but vital understanding and awareness of appropriate and effective engagement with mainland Chinese.

In our course we also explain the custom of "Guanxi" (relationship building), why you should serve tea not coffee, the importance of gift-giving, and why you shouldn't be surprised if your host falls asleep at lunch time.

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