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marcella DAVIE

Marcella has a laser-focus on the needs of customers and is an expert in navigating the rocky terrain of Chinese bureaucracy.  She spearheaded the creation of our Chinese company "MPP Living".

"There are so many pitfalls, falsehoods and u-turns you have to confront when you do business in China and we have the scars to prove it!"

"We now take that experience and share it with our clients to ensure their path to executing their China strategy is smooth and stress-free."

Location: China
Phone: +86 156 1859 8747
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Paul's "real-life MBA" as the owner of a 100-staff, retail business has provided the commercial acumen that pure-play marketers often lack.  It followed his "first-career" in journalism, marketing and corporate communications. 

"I thought I knew all there was to know about marketing products and services until I embarked on our China project and realised just how different and diverse the marketing challenge is over there."

"Telling an Australian story in a Chinese voice has been my ultimate marketing challenge - not something you can execute successfully unless you have a team on the ground in the "Middle Kingdom".

Location: Australia
Phone: +61 (0) 414 326 848
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Paul is a China devotee after more than a decade of working and living in Shanghai. He has an acute understanding of Chinese culture and how it permeates everyday business practice and protocols.  

"The Chinese people have been so welcoming to us since we moved here in 2014, we felt it was only right that we gave something back by conducting free, weekly English conversation classes."

"The classes also give us another unique insight into the thought processes, customs and habits of the Chinese people."

Location: China
Phone: +86 152 2108 5840
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